About Us

So how did The Tragal Online Art Gallery come about.

Well like your good selves I like art, I dabble in water colours and also a photographer selling my work all over.

The only issue with other online marketplaces is that they take so much commission from you, all the work you put in and these selling platforms take quite a wedge out of it, I appreciate they also have costs and advertising but why so much.

So I decided to to create my own online art gallery, so in 2021 it won’t cost a penny to sell your art on our platform and even in the 2022 we wont charge to list your art but there will be a small 3% commission on sales, while I write this it’s only April 2021 so you have loads of time to create your shop and list your art while we promote you.

If you decide to come on welcome to the Tragal Fam.